Welcome to my official website! Please make yourself at home.  My readers are very important to me.  I truly appreciate your feedback. Below are examples of my Contemporary and Historical Mix: Love Edward (Contemporary Romance) and Forever In Vein (Historical Gothic-Style) with Editorial and Reader Reviews, both by Simon & Schuster. My collection of twelve novels is eclectic. I hope my assortment brings you hours of reading pleasure. Thank you for visiting.

 Reviews of LOVE EDWARD:


"Watch out Danielle Steele as there is a new author on your tail!
If you are an incurable, hopeless romantic then Love Edward is the book for you.
There is not only a love triangle but a love “quadrangle” among the main characters.
Juliet is the protagonist of the story, married to the man she loves.. or is she?
The constant turns and plot changes keep you forever guessing.
Set against the beautiful beaches of The Hamptons, Lido, and Long Beach, Jody LaGreca
takes you on a ride behind the scenes of the rich and richer."

-- Reader Review


"Just the kind of story you can't put down. Each scene and portrayal of characters kept me intrigued. Thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying ...even surprising. Enjoy!!!!!"

-- Reader Review

Editorial Reviews of FOREVER IN VEIN:


“Deftly written and a thoroughly absorbing read from beginning to end, "Forever In Vein" is an especially recommended addition to community library fantasy fiction collections in general, and to the personal reading list for vampire fiction enthusiasts in particular.”

"Vampires are certainly bad form in Victorian era Boston and Forever In Vein by Jody R LaGreca .This story is well written and deeply engrossing - in fact, almost impossible to put down - as the action draws you deeper and deeper into the world of the undead. With some interesting new views of vampire lore, Forever In Vein is the perfect story for a good scare and a surprising romance."
- by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

Official Review: Forever In Vein by Jody R. LaGreca
"Forever in Vein ... is a refreshing return of the vampire to the horror genre, in the style of Ann Rice or Bram Stoker. Lagreca manages to create a uniquely alluring world of Gothic style horror and leaves readers waiting anxiously for the next installment."
-by jhollan2

"Posted a five-star review for this compelling Jody R. LaGreca epic!"
- Mark McLaughlin, Bram Stoker Winner

Multi-Genre Author/ Jody R. LaGreca

Simon & Schuster Author


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BLOODLESS by McCarty & LaGreca

A vampire saga exceeds the limits when history, vengeance and eroticism become entwined. Daniel Peck is a modern-day vampire, over a century old. He succumbs to his transformation on the Lusitania when Veronica, Queen of the Undead, beguiles him.

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