As a natural born poet, Jody R. LaGreca has a deep affinity for poetic form and dark fiction. GOTHIC TALES is an assortment of Narrative Poems that flow like the storybook from hell. The poems are literary, sophisticated, forthright and gruesomely picturesque.  The book contains vampire poems that are gory yet evocative, with darkly romantic blood drinking, and tongue and cheek scenarios and much more. GOTHIC TALES is for lovers of the macabre with an ironic twist to incite and inspire.


“The tone is lush, darkly romantic, and filled with macabre exuberance. Be sure to pick up a bottle of red wine to sip while you're reading this deliciously Gothic collection!”


-- Mark McLaughlin, Bram Stoker Award Winner for Best Poetry Collection


Traditional poetry is an ancient art with the power to draw one inward and heal their emotions. “Song Of The Sea” was inspired by “The Rubáiyát” by Persian poet, Omar Khayyam (1048–1131). His renowned book is written in quatrains, a verse containing four lines, particularly lines that alternately rhyme. Khayyam’s verses have always fascinated me for the way each four line stanza brings one to a deep spiritual state. “Song Of The Sea” is written in quatrains with the quest of evoking a parallel in time by channeling the power of the past in present day. These verses have a meditative quality which is beneficial to read aloud or silently to oneself. The beauty of this formula is the way each stanza relates to the spirit of the reader and becomes unique to their life experiences. It is a journey inward to uncharted territories of the soul. Whether you live near the beach or faraway I hope “Song Of The Sea” will beckon you with the ocean’s timeless beauty and solace.

Multi-Genre Author/ Jody R. LaGreca

Simon & Schuster Author


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