In the dead of winter an isolated farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania becomes the setting of classic horror with a grisly edge. Fifty-year-old Richard Handler is a charming man with a dark side. Richard meets Christine Adams, a beautiful thirty-year-old blonde, in a shelter for battered women where she is hiding out from her ex-husband, Rex. Richard invites her to stay at his family farmhouse set on 250 acres until she becomes stabilized enough to be on her own. He ultimately charms Christine into getting married and they now have a baby on the way. Then during the most brutal winter in Wyoming since 1900, Richard’s abusive mother, Claire Handler, invades their love nest when she unexpectedly moves back home after being released from Twin Oaks asylum after a nervous breakdown. Claire is critical, overbearing, highly medicated and impossible to live with. Old anger spirals out of control, dark secrets are revealed and the consequences that unravel are unparalleled in WINTER HORRORLAND.

“Excellent Very Good Read,” UK reader review


“Jody R. LaGreca is an incredible writer. She is highly imaginative and has a great writing style. She pours herself into every book she does and WINTER HORRORLAND is no exception and is highly recommended. ”

--Michael McCarty, Horror Author, Bram Stoker Finalist


“I wanted to know what was gonna happen next. The story is very entertaining.”

--Verified Reader Review



In Queens, New York a fatality in a Jewish family brings a twenty-one year old secret to the forefront. After the imminent death of Marnie Steinberg’s father Todd — Marnie is shocked to discover the man who raised her is not her real father and her biological father, Daniel Riley, is in prison for raping her mother, a crime she is living proof of. Marnie obtains information about her real father, who is incarcerated in an accessible town, only to uncover a dark secret her father Todd went to his grave with, and one her mother Sherri has locked away in her conscience. A subplot of romantic intrigue arises when Marnie realizes her handsome Cousin Wilton, who was raised in England is not a blood relative. This discovery leads them into a whirlwind of uncharted territories that spin a tale of passion, deceit and irony in THE GOOD DAUGHTER.


"A shocking and intriguing story I could not put down!"--Editorial Review

“I recently read Jody R. LaGreca’s book The Good Daughter, a captivity tale that had me flipping the pages in breathless anticipation until the very end.”-- Michael McCarty, five time Bram Stoker Finalist


“I expected the plot was about a daughter’s relationship with her biological father but it became much more complex and intertwined. There are subplots and other stories that crisscross and evolve, making this story addictive to read. Lies became truths and vice versa building up to an unexpected conclusion.”

--Editorial Review

Multi-Genre Author/ Jody R. LaGreca

Simon & Schuster Author


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