Love Edward


LOVE EDWARD is the timeless love story of Juliet and Drew Brock. Their thirty-two-year marriage will capture your heart as it draws upon the universal temptations of wealth and passion, while simultaneously celebrating the human spirit. When Juliet and Drew go to their summer home in the Hamptons to celebrate their upcoming wedding anniversary, they argue and Juliet storms out. Drew chases after her to make amends, only to risk his life to save drowning victim, Tammy Blake. Now a hero, Drew is drawn into a friendship with the beautiful young widow he rescued. His growing bond with Tammy alienates Juliet, who feels compromised by the glitzy lifestyle of South Hampton. Things become precarious when Juliet forbids Drew’s association with Tammy. What was to be their second honeymoon is further complicated when Juliet and Drew are faced with the truth about their marriage and the dark secrets they can no longer silence.

Afternoon Tea


With a bundle of roses and a walking cane, an elderly gentleman, Lawrence Gray braves the Northeastern winter as he makes his way to Saint James Cemetery. There, he offers the flowers to his fallen wife, who passed away forty years ago. Lawrence's devotion to his long-dead wife elicits curiosity from Meg Bailey, a neighbor who spies on him from her kitchen window every morning. Meg's curiosity hits a peak when town historian, Fanny Brund, invites her for afternoon tea, and tells her about the mystery surrounding the Grays. Looking for more answers, Fanny warps back to the year 1895 in a bid to uncover the truth behind Lawrence Gray's guilt over his wife's untimely death - only to unravel a secret that will change Meg's life forever.


Suburban Weird


Set in scenic Bay Shore, Long Island, Suburban Weird follows the exploits of Courtney Gold, a forty-year-old beauty. Courtney becomes apprehensive when her future mother-in-law, Edith Stein, turns out to be the eccentric woman her Aunt Bessie warned her about. In spite of this, Courtney marries her fiancé, criminal attorney, Seth — only to become dangerously drawn to his adopted brother, fertility specialist, Dr. Aaron Stein. Aaron flirts mercilessly with Courtney, while constantly belittling Seth, the black sheep and baby of the family. Things become precarious when Courtney and Seth move into Edith’s nine-bedroom mansion, and Aaron moves in as well. Witness the haunting tale of how one woman becomes a pawn in a game of love and lust in Suburban Weird. Read the book to find out Courtney’s destiny.


The Gloaming 


With Great Gatsby grandeur, formal tables are set in the yard of the Wellington estate in Great Neck, Long Island for Margo Wellington’s Engagement Party to Stephan Randall. Jealousy brews when Margo’s Cousin Walter brings Chloe Winsler, a beautiful singer, and she and Stephan talk incessantly throughout dinner. Margo becomes enraged when she spies Stephan —slip Chloe’s card inside his suit jacket. Stephan insists it was for him to make dinner reservations for them at the supper club where Chloe sings. In a heated argument Stephan storms off in the middle of their engagement party, and Margo is rushed to the hospital for a twisted ankle from wearing stilettos on the lawn. Jealousy proves fatal when accusations lead to an unexpected disaster. Find out just how The Gloaming is a time of light and darkness, mixed with shades of deception and raw truth.




Camille Casey regains her senses -- only to find herself stripped in her bedroom -- oblivious her honor had been violated. The slick, forty-year old Raphael Manex, twenty years her senior, insists he undressed her because she was sweating profusely. Their association begins when Camille comes across the engagement announcement of Tasha Brookes, an old friend, who betrayed her. In a ploy for revenge Camille lures Tasha's fiancé to her house to buy vintage jewelry. Camille's sophomoric scheme becomes complicated when the handsome Raphael entices her into a whirlwind of carnal obsession. A haunting tone is set when Marianne Franz, an old widow, hires Camille to do chores for her. Let the game of betrayal, revenge, seduction, and exploitation begin as you flick through the pages of SEDUCTION ...



Bordellos breed more than intimacy between strangers when obsessive love becomes the desire. Client Ray Brent falls in love at first sight with Maria Cezaro, a beautiful eighteen-year-old prostitute, who works in her mother Madame Colette's bordello in Spanish Harlem. The wealthy furrier offers Maria the position of companion for his dying wife in his opulent Sand's Point, Long Island estate, when in truth -- Ray is grooming Maria as his future wife -- aware his wife Elizabeth will soon be dead. In the meantime, Ray frequents the bordello in a twisted morality.

Love. Seduction. Money. Destiny.

The Good Daughter

In Queens, New York a fatality in a Jewish family brings a twenty-one year old secret to the forefront. After the imminent death of Marnie Steinberg’s father Todd — Marnie is shocked to discover the man who raised her is not her real father and her biological father, Daniel Riley, is in prison for raping her mother, a crime she is living proof of. Marnie obtains information about her real father, who is incarcerated in an accessible town, only to uncover a dark secret her father Todd went to his grave with, and one her mother Sherri has locked away in her conscience. A subplot of romantic intrigue arises when Marnie realizes her handsome Cousin Wilton, who was raised in England is not a blood relative. This discovery leads them into a whirlwind of uncharted territories that spin a tale of passion, deceit and irony in THE GOOD DAUGHTER.

Multi-Genre Author/ Jody R. LaGreca

Simon & Schuster Author


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